What EBW's Talented Consultants and Facilitators Offer

What EBW's Talented Consultants and Facilitators Offer

  • Consulting 

Management, HR, Marketing, and Leadership Development Consulting. Qualitative Study Experts. Ad Panel Facilitation and Consulting, Executive Coaching.

  • Customized Program Development

After needs assessments, we collaborate with our customers to provide tailored solutions. The recommendations include  customized training and developmental programs, resources, and recommendations for HR policy alterations that will enhance the attraction, retention and promotion of minorities and females into higher organizational levels.

  • Standardized Training and Leadership Development  Programs  

Our current training and leadership development programs include DISC, Situational Leadership, Situational Self Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Targeted Account Solutions, EBW's 360-Degree Gender Sphere Awareness Training, Business Planning Solutions and Strategic Planning, Personal Branding/Self-Promotion, Networking, Sponsorship, Mentorship, and Flexibility programs.   

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