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Our Mission/Vision

EBW's Mission- To provide companies and individuals the rationale and tools that will increase the representation of women and minorities in the upper echelons of the healthcare sector.

EBW's Vision-To have 30% of all leadership positions represented by women and minorities, in the healthcare industry.

Our Approach

We ensure success of our clients through analyzing internal needs and create solutions that are  tailored to each specific situation. EBW  analyzes  human resource gaps,  disseminates knowledge, provides tools, resources, programs and support that lead to the attraction, development, and retention of top, diversified, talent.

Why Us?

EBW's founder, Dawn Adams-Harmon, Doctorate in Management/Organizational Leadership, has dedicated her academic achievements and lifelong career to uncovering the barriers experienced and success strategies implemented  by successful women and minorities in the healthcare marketplace. The company's focus is to passionately deliver successful programs and delight our customers.

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Empowerment of Business Women (EBW) Healthcare Consultants